It’s fair to say that my current gig as a stay at home mum of two can be summed up with the following words: coffee, yelling, breastfeeding, wine (yes, occasionally during breastfeeding) and screen time. Ahhhh screen time – my saviour. While Lockie is not one for sitting still for long periods, I can usually distract him for 10 minutes or so with the iPad. I have tried using the iPad as just a special treat while I’m breastfeeding however he is not always that keen on it, and Jamie’s feeding sessions can still take around 20 minutes. And I am not even going to touch on the screen time or no screen time debate – I am firmly in the “pro” camp.

When I was offered a free 6 month subscription to review the KidloLand app I jumped at the chance.

The app is like a typical educational toddler app but on steroids. There is everything you can imagine in an app like this and then some: nursery rhymes, songs, electronic flash cards, stories, games, trace the letters, numbers, colours, puzzles, musical games, join the dots, shapes, maths, lullabies and so much more. My 2 year old has the attention span of a flea – actually the attention span of a 2 year old – so he loves to flit from one activity to the next and he’s yet to try them all.  And the best bit? New content is added all the time!

KiddloLand App for Toddlers |

My little dude’s favourite activity is the Chomping Monsters. He loves dragging things like fruit or ice cream in to the monster’s mouths. It’s all helping him with learning to swipe and move his finger around the iPad screen.

KiddloLand App | Chomping Monsters |

I really like the Early Learning section – in particular, the Songs About Me. These are cute little songs to encourage things like brushing your teeth, using the potty etc. They’re interactive too – you can click the background and the colour changes, or click the characters and see things happen. This is a theme throughout the app – little hidden interactions.

KiddloLand App | Songs About Me |

The playlists are great – you can either create your own or choose from a huge number of preset lists with everything from a few minutes to over an hour of uninterrupted songs. Chose 10 minutes of songs about shapes, or 18 minutes of songs about trucks – there is sure to be something that will appeal to any toddler.

Thumbs Up

The best bits:

  • No advertising. It is a straight forward, advertisement free, kid friendly app.
  • No in-app purchases once you’re subscribed. We’ve all heard the stories of the kids inadvertantly racking up hundreds of dollars of in-app purchases on their parents phones. No chance here.
  • Educational. Makes you feel a little better about letting your little one have a little extra screen time.
  • So easy to use. The 2 year old had many of the activities nailed in a couple of goes. And there’s also loads of nursery rhymes for the little ones that just want something fun to watch.
  • Loads of content. There are so many different activities and videos. Like so many.
  • Content downloaded to your device. Once an activity or video is downloaded you can play it over and over again, no wifi or data needed.

Thumbs down

The not so great bits:

  • Content downloaded to your device. This uses up storage space on your device. Not ideal if it’s chock full of photos like my iPhone. But that’s the trade off for having loads of content wherever you are.
  • Kids will outgrow it. While there is tonnes of content and it has huge appeal to my 2 year old, I’m not sure how long it will be a favourite.  I imagine he will move on to more complex apps in the next wee while. But isn’t that the case with everything when it comes to kids?

Get it

I definitely think that the app is well worth the NZD$7.49 per month for unlimited content.

You can download the KiddloLand app here:

> iOS
> Google Play Store
> Amazon App Store

KidloLand is available for a free 7 day trial so you can check out the full experience risk free.

You can also visit the KidloLand website and download colouring pages and worksheets or generate a cute poem for your little one absolutely free 🙂

Disclaimer: I was given a free 6 month subscription to the Kidloland app in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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