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During those exciting and naive days of being ‘with child’ for the first time I made endless lists – what to pack for the hospital, what the baby will need in the first few weeks, boys names, girls names (just in case – these things do happen!) When I sent my ‘newborn essentials’ list to my sister in law for review she wrote back, “you probably won’t need bibs for the first few months.” Awesome – one less thing to worry about. Little did I know bibs would eventually become one of our most used items! You see Baby Mac is a dribbler. Some babies dribble, some don’t. My son oozes like an outdoor tap that won’t shut off. He’s been known to go through half a dozen bibs a day. At last count we had 27 bibs in rotation! 27!

Funky Giraffe Baby Bibs Review |

When I was contacted by Funky Giraffe bibs, my little man’s first molar was just peeking through his swollen pink gum. It was perfect timing. I was super excited when I scoured the website and picked from the (literally) hundreds of designs. (The website has a great filter function so you can find styles based on colour, style, pattern, shape and size.) From cotton to collared, bamboo to bow, you are sure to find something perfect for your little person. BM and I were lucky enough to test drive a Bandana Bib, a Square Bib and a 100% Bamboo Bib.

First impression…

Wow – these are so soft. Like seriously soft. Easily the softest bibs we’ve tried. The backing is a thick, super soft fabric – they feel almost padded. These bibs are made by Mums, for Mums, with a focus on practicality so I’m not surprised that they feel like they would soak up a cup of water at least! The quality of the fabric looks good and the colours are great – exactly what I was expecting from the images online.

In use…

Double snaps make the fit adjustable – although they are a generous fit. The square bib does up around to the side. This is so practical for us as I have recently been capturing Baby Mac’s wayward curls in his bibs – no worries here!

All 3 did exactly what a good bib should: absorbed, protected and looked good while doing it. There simply isn’t anything to fault on the function of these bibs. They wicked away the drool like nobody’s business and left my little man’s front nice and dry.

After a wash…

No special treatment here – the bibs went straight in to our ancient washing machine with a full load of filthy toddler threads. Then on to the line to dry in the sunshine. I noticed a tiny bit of pilling on the back of the cotton and square bibs. The bamboo bib however looked brand new again!

Funky Giraffe Bamboo Bib |
Super soft 100% Bamboo Bib – great for babes with eczema.
Funky Giraffe Bandana Bib |
Cotton Bandana Bib
Funky Giraffe Bandana Bib double snaps |
Double snaps for an adjustable fit.
Funky Giraffe Square Bib |
Larger, Square Bib – great for meal time!

Funky Giraffe Bandana Bib 2 |

Final verdict…

Brilliant. Great looking, highly functional, baby bibs. These are going to get some serious use in the Mac household!

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