A while back a ‘new mummy friend’ asked me if I’d be keen to have a chat about breastfeeding for the Little Treasure magazine. In each edition they feature a coffee group and get real life accounts on difference aspects of being a parent. I didn’t hesitate to agree – if you’ve been following for a while you’ll know that breastfeeding was no cup of tea for Baby Mac and me. I’m always keen to chat openly and honestly about my experience. So a week or so later I was contacted by a lovely journalist who allowed me to pour my heart out on this emotional subject.

Little Treasures magazine

Each of us in the coffee group were interviewed separately so while we knew a little about what each had been through, we didn’t know exactly what each had said. Yesterday I picked up a copy of the magazine and it was so great to read 6 truly open, honest and different experiences with breastfeeding. Not one of us found it a piece of cake but every one of us believed breastfeeding to be the best option for our babies. Some of us overcame our struggles and others chose other ways to nourish our little ones. And if you met our wee cherubs I bet you would never pick which were breastfed and which weren’t. They are the most gorgeous, active, inquisitive, cheeky group of bubs (but I may be just a little biased).


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