Today we left the hospital. Yip, not only did I get to go home but I also got to take my delicious little bundle with me. I can’t believe he is all mine – trying not to freak out! No-one seems to mind that I have no idea what I am doing. I mean you can’t even adopt an unwanted pet from the SPCA without getting checked out to make sure you are fit owner! And anyone watching us try and get the carseat into the car might have had their doubts. We spent far too long trying to click the capsule into the base the wrong way round! After a quick look around to see if anyone was watching, a nervous laugh and a ‘what are we doing’ shared look, we had our little man safely in the car.

Car seat safety
This is safe, right?

The drive home was the longest trip of my life. Daddy Mac drove while I sat in the back seat making sure that the little man was ok. We averaged about 40kms/hour the whole way home – never have we travelled with such precious cargo!

And now we are home. I keep thinking someone is going to knock on the door and tell me there has been a big mistake and they are taking him back! Although I’d like to see them try, ha ha.