This is the story of the birth of my little man (don’t worry – I’ve left out anything too icky!)

I had resigned myself to the fact that it was the day before my due date and there was no sign of any action. I was preparing for the worst – 2 weeks overdue. Two more weeks of laying about like a beached whale, getting more and more uncomfortable. It felt like I had been pregnant forever and it would never end!

Lying on the couch at 4:30pm and I felt a weird ‘pop’ down below. Being too tired (and lazy) I didn’t move for half an hour. When I finally stood up I felt a bit…. um… ‘damp’, down there. No pains though – surely I wasn’t in labour? I phoned my midwife who said that it sounded like my waters had broken but it may be a slow labour. If nothing had happened then they would likely induce me on Tuesday – or in other words: I was going to be a Mum by Tuesday at the very latest – eek!

By 6:00pm I was having 50 second contractions 4 minutes apart (love the Full Term app for tracking contractions). But I could still talk through them. My midwife popped round, checked me out and said it was likely to be some time before I was in full blown labour. She said she would go ahead and get everything ready at the hospital, we should take our time and meet her there at around 9:30pm. We were in the car by 8! I could no longer talk through the contractions and they were 2 minutes apart – this kid was in a hurry! Everything seemed to happen so quickly then. He was born at 12:31am, just making his due date. Even had my natural water birth with no pain relief too!

I remember the midwife telling me I would know when it was time to push. I had friends tell me to trust my body. Breath. Try to relax and rest in between contractions. All the helpful tips from those who have experienced the ‘miracle of birth’. But nothing can prepare you for something as crazy as pushing a brand new human being into the world. I will never forget the feeling of seeing him appear as if by magic – well, exhausting, very painful magic. And my first thought when I held him against me for the first time: I don’t recognise him but I love him more than anything I have ever loved. For some reason I thought I should recognise this little bubba that I had never meet before – like someone would put him in a room with a whole lot of other babies and I would have to pick which was mine!

Teeny Tiny Newborn Baby Tootsies
Teeny tiny newborn tootsies.

He’s amazing!! He looks so much like his daddy. I’m told this is normal – so that dad knows he belongs to him and not the milkman! Daddy Mac did the first part of skin to skin so I could get out of the pool then I had about 2 hours with him on me including first feed. He fed twice and then snoozed in the bassinet next to me. I was way too excited to sleep! xx