Being a little obsessed with Pinterest, I had spent hours during my pregnancy swooning over gorgeous little bundles, snuggled up on sheepskin rugs or wearing ridiculously cute little outfits in perfect poses. Of course I had to book in my own ‘newborn photoshoot’. Our preferred photographer was (seriously) 20 times our budget for the shoot however when I came across Aleish Giddens, who specialises in newborn photography, I knew she’d be perfect. So Aleish was booked and at just 5 days old, it was Baby Mac’s time to shine!

Now here’s the thing about newborn photoshoots:

  • Newborn babies will sleep when they want and get hungry when they want. Aleish had assured us that she was in no hurry, she had all afternoon and no other clients booked so we stopped whenever we needed. This was so reassuring to know that we weren’t holding her up!
  • Newborn babies also poop and pee when they want. And usually right when you’re about to take that perfect ‘nappy free’ shot. We had a very messy incident – gave us a good laugh though.
  • You will want at least one family or ‘mum and bub’ shot. 5 days postpartum and was not feeling particularly photogenic. Flattering angles and Photoshop work wonders. As does a black and white filter.
  • Babies are at their most ‘posable’ when they are sleepy or asleep. Usually most photographers will like to do the photoshoot as early as possible (ours recommended up to 10 days old) as it makes things much easier.
  • I would highly recommend booking a photographer who will come to you. 5 days in to being a mum I was not very confident at leaving the house with bubs.

So we went with the flow, the little man calling the shots. We took our time and got some super cute photos. Aleish had a selection of props which were perfect. I had given her a heads up that there was one particular shot I wanted. I had seem (on Pinterest, where else) some amazing photos of new bubs lying on saddles. Coming from a ‘horsey family’ I really wanted to give it a go. Well, I can tell you now that balancing a newborn on a dressage saddle while trying to stay out of the shot is even harder than it sounds. It took so many attempts but we got there. And I think Aleish nailed it!  What do you think?

Newborn baby laying on saddle

Did you have a newborn photoshoot with your bubba?  Do you have any tips for expectant parents?