I have always been a total sook when I’m sick. I have been known to groan “I’m dying” when in the throws of a common cold – not at all melodramatic! What I hadn’t experienced until today was being sick as a mum. Long gone are the days of taking to bed for the day with a box of tissues, a good book and a cup of honey and lemon. Yes, those days are loooong gonne.

My first sick day as a Mum resembled something like this:

  • Realise that hubby is sick too so stop looking for sympathy there.
  • Call grandmother #1 and realised she’s sick too.
  • Forget grandmother #2 and grandfather – on holiday in Aussie.
  • Realise that today is going to be the crappiest day ever.
  • Make sure that the lounge is safe, baby-proof anything remotely dangerous.
  • Turn on TV and stream animated movie (Shaun the Sheep Movie on repeat).
  • Let Baby Mac roam free!

This plan worked well until it was time to change/feed/put Baby Mac to bed for his nap. I really struggled to pick him without getting the spins and needing to sit down!

Very messy house at the end of my first sick day as a Mum!

This was the state of our house towards the end of the day. We didn’t even bother to open the curtains. Today was a day I do not want to repeat in a hurry!