Today I wasn’t a very good Mum. I had one of those days where you know there just won’t be enough hours to get it all done. I had a presentation to prepare for a work meeting tomorrow, the house to clean for an inspection (the joys of renting!) and paperwork to prepare for a new employee for my husband’s business. This involved considerable time spent ‘ignoring’ my little one while staring at a computer screen.

While I was taping away on the keyboard I stopped to notice something: my little guy was ‘reading’ his books. He was quietly turning the pages and babbling away to himself. He stopped to smile when he saw me watching then he went on with his ‘reading’. Later I noticed he has moved on to the kitchen pantry. I always keep things on the bottom shelf that I know he can safely play with. Once he had emptied the shelf and finished using the crockpot lid as a car, scooting it around the kitchen floor, he moved to the window. He was watching the next door neighbour’s cat cleaning himself on our fence. Then he finally came over to me and pulled himself up on my leg, looking for a cuddle.

Little man loves to read

Later in the day we visited my Grandparents where my little dude hung out for an hour while I went to run some errands. I came back to find he had totally trashed their house and was very happily playing their piano. They were beaming and said what a wonderful time they had all had. They thanked me for bringing him round to hang out with them. Then it was back home to start on the cleaning. As I tidied the spare room my little man played with a plastic container – climbing in and out, over and over. Then in his room he emptied a box of tissues, one tissue at a time. Then in our bedroom, he got to work on Mr. Mac’s sock draw (I hope he doesn’t notice the snot and dribble on all of his socks!)

When it was finally time for bath, bottle, bed I realised something – even though I thought that I had been neglecting my little guy, he hadn’t noticed at all. He had played independently for most of the day, he had come to me when he wanted a cuddle (which I had given enthusiastically), he was fed, changed, had two good naps and went to bed happy and healthy (well, a bit of a sniffly nose.) So maybe I wasn’t the bad Mum I thought I was today.