My little baby boy is one! How the holy heck did that happen? He’s somehow changed from a squishy little bubba to a real little boy in the blink of an eye. A slow blink of a very tired, bloodshot eye that is.

Like many new parents we went all out for the first birthday with a big monster-themed bash. 40-odd friends and family at our little home – we were so very lucky the weather held out for us!

Here is a selection of my favourite photos from Baby Mac’s first birthday Monster Bash!

The first birthday monster cake

This stunning cake was most certainly not made by me! I do not enjoy, nor am I good at, any form of cooking. Luckily Kelsey from The Sweet Stop produced this epic monster cake for us. And it tasted incredible too!

Monster goodie bags

Monster Goodie Bag Goodies

I wanted to avoid lollies for the goody bags so opted for monster themed toys and other goodies. I replaced the labels on cheap bubbles to make them into ‘monster bubbles’.

Monster first birthday photo board

First birthday gift - a Wishbone Bike

He might have a bit of growing to do but he was pretty stoked with his Wishbone trike that converts to a two-wheeled balance bike.

A homemade busy board

Daddy Mac made this awesome ‘Busy Board’. Hours of fun for little fingers (Baby Mac particularly likes pulling faces in the mirror).

Cake time

11 months of Baby Mac11 months of Baby Mac! Just one last photo to add to the collection.

We had a blast throwing a big party for our little man.

What’s your favourite first birthday theme?