10 Tips for Surviving the First Birthday

It seems crazy that it’s already over two months since Baby Mac’s first birthday. The last 14 months have flown and the first birthday seemed like such a massive milestone in our little man’s life. It’s was the first time all of our family and friends had come together to celebrate our little guy and it was very reminiscent of those first few days home from the hospital, where everyone gushed over our munchkin and showered him with gifts.

Of course, a first birthday is not all cake, presents and celebration. It can be a stressful and emotionally overwhelming time for the parents not to mention a full on experience for the birthday baby.

Here are my tips for surviving the first birthday.

Tips for surviving the first birthday.

  1. Delegate the photo taking. Give your camera to someone and ask them to get photos of everything! Better yet – task two people with photo taking. Less chance of your only shot of the cake coming out blurry.
  2. If there is something you don’t enjoy or you are stressed about – outsource it! I hate any form of cooking and the thought of baking a cake had me breaking out in a cold sweat! Luckily I have a friend who bakes amazing cakes as a hobby so she made an amazing monster cake which of course my little man wanted nothing to do with. We’re still in the stage where our little cherub is yet to really taste sugar (I am realistic that this won’t last long).
  3. Kids will make their own fun. I was pretty stressed that we didn’t have anything for the kids to ‘do’ – no games, no swing set – but a few balls and plenty of space and they were as happy as anything.
  4. Not everyone will be able to come. Kids get sick, things come up – this may be the most important event in your calendar but for some it will one of many birthday parties. Don’t take it personally if someone cancels at the last minute. Because they will. And you will one day too.
  5. Your child will be spoilt. You will have gifts coming out of your ears! This means you don’t need to go overboard. We bought one main gift (and a few little ones) but one month later we still had a dozen unopened presents in our little one’s wardrobe. And he’s been opening one every few days since the party so you can just imagine how much loot he was given!
  6. Plan the timing of the party around what works for you and not other people. Think about nap time and when you’re little one is at their happiest. It’s going to be busy, chaotic and overwhelming so having a well-rested birthday baby is key.
  7. Your little one will be given clothes that don’t fit, books they already have and maybe even two of the same thing. It’s really is the thought that counts. Just remember who gave you what if you plan on re-gifting 🙂
  8. Go with the flow. Not everything will go to plan (we had a number 2 situation not long after guests started arriving.) Roll with the punches and don’t get worked up when things don’t go the way you’d planned.
  9. Do things the way you want.
  10. Take a moment out to reflect. Step back, take it all in and congratulate yourself. You’ve made it through a whole year which is a pretty big milestone and the party is just a big chaotic celebration of that.

What is your advice for surviving the first birthday?

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