Five months old today. Five months as a family of four. Five months of finally understanding what our friends meant when they said one child is a breeze! And 5 months of knowing that our little Mac squad is complete.

5 months |

Today also marks another milestone – exactly one year to the day since we drank far too much Fireball whisky, threw caution to the wind, and Jamie became more than just a twinkle in his Daddy’s eye! (Too much information…?)

Someone said to me today, “wow – he looks just like his brother.” We get that a lot. It still surprises me. Sure, if I compare photos they do look very similar. One of my favourite games is to show Greg pics of the boys and see if he can guess which son it is. Usually he uses the carpet as a clue, as we’ve moved since Lockie was a baby. (Typical carpet layer.) But to me the boys are just so different.

Lockie is a doer. He needs to move. He climbs, he jumps, he runs for the heck of it, he dances to music in the car, he kicks the back of the drivers seat, he knocks the wall in his sleep, he just never stops. At 5 and half months Lockie was crawling. Jamie is…well…more of a slug. At 5 months he is yet to show any signs of rolling. Tummy time involves mostly squishing his nose into the ground until I flip him back over. And his very favourite place in the world is in my arms with his head on my left shoulder.

Lockie is as tough as old boots. He always has bruises, scrapes, scratches. He can go down so hard you are sure it’s going to be a trip to the emergency room and he bounces up with an “I’m alright” and he’s off again. Jamie on the other hand is a sensitive wee thing. Put his nappy a little crooked and it’s the end of the world. And heaven forbid you don’t change him immediately after a poop!

Lockie never slept. Jamie sleeps 10-12 hours almost every night.

Lockie was formula fed. Jamie is breastfed. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference but I am finding there’s an added level of attachment between Jamie and I. I can settle him better than Greg. Lockie always seemed to settle better for Greg. And the way Jamie looks at me is just so different. I’ve had so many people say, “wow, look at him looking at you. He adores his mummy.” I think he is looking at me the same way I look at cake.

My Boys |

Both boys have the most amazing smile which they give so freely. Yesterday Jamie even did his first, real, little person giggle. It was just gorgeous! I was a bit disappointed that I missed getting it on video but my darling hubby pointed out that our little guy had just giggled for the first time and we were both there to hear it together, we lived it – we didn’t need to record it. Very true, oh wise one.

Brothers - 5 months |

Lockie is still a kind and loving big brother, smothering Jamie with love. Jamie has started to follow Lockie with his gaze around the room and smile up at him. I can’t wait to see their relationship develop. In other areas Lockie is a wee bit challenging. Ok he’s downright impossible! But he’s almost 3 and very high energy – other parents made it through these “challenging” years, and I’m sure we will too. I say as I sit here on my second glass of wine. Which actually needs a top up!

So cheers to the next 5 months! I’m off to fill up my glass…