When Mr Mac proposed, the ring he slipped on my finger was just a ‘place holder’. ¬†He knew that he had no hope of picking the ring I was to wear for the rest of my days so he didn’t even try – one of the many reasons I am marrying this smart, smart man ūüôā ¬†(In fact he told me, when he went into a store to buy the ‘place holder’ ring, he asked for their cheapest ring – somehow I don’t think the sparkly things are real diamonds).

So the first exciting step in the wedding journey was to pick my own ring! This began with many hours of scouring the internet. ¬†I knew I wanted something ‘vintage’, something with history, a story. ¬†Something that someone before had treasured and adored. ¬†But style, colour, stone – I had no idea! ¬†Enter Pinterest. ¬†Pinterest is pure porn for brides-to-be. ¬†I spent so many hours pouring over beautiful images of vintage, and vintage-inspired, bling. ¬†Then I stumbled upon the¬†Erstwhile Jewelry Co. website¬†and their vintage collection of engagement rings where I spotted this stunner:

Stunning Art Deco vintage platinum, sapphire and diamond ring (images taken from the Erstwhile Jewelry Co. website).
Stunning Art Deco vintage platinum, sapphire and diamond ring
(images taken from the Erstwhile Jewelry Co. website).

From the moment I saw it, I knew it was ‘the one’. ¬†I bookmarked the page and returned to it every hour or so, and a week later I still loved it. ¬†Only one problem – it had already sold (and at a price that was probably twice our budget!) ¬†But the more I looked, the fewer designs I liked. ¬†Nothing compared to my dream ring. ¬†So I contacted a company in the USA that I had heard of, the founder had grown up in the same hometown as me. Many emails and CAD drawings later, Mr Mac and I paid a very large chunk of our savings to a company in another country and then waited (very impatiently and a wee bit nervously) for my dream ring to arrive.

When I received the email to say that my ring had been shipped, I tracked that baby day and night, until it finally arrived in Brisbane.  One slight hitch Рwe had to pay GST and Duty.  So, parting with another large chunk of savings, I knew my ring was almost here.  Coming home from work on a Friday afternoon I was certain my ring would be there but there was no sign of it.  Right, Monday it was.  And if not Monday, I would lose the plot!

So I got ready for ‘date night’ with my man, of course asking the obligatory, ‘how do I look?’, to which the cheeky devil replied, ‘beautiful, but even more beautiful if you put this on…’ ¬†He then pulled my ring out from behind the couch where he had been hiding it since I got home. ¬†I didn’t know whether to hit him or hug him. ¬†Of course I hugged him.

My Bling

My Bling Top View

My Bling


The bling at our wedding:

My Bling on our wedding day