So, I’m getting married.  Yip, it is finally my turn!  It’s my turn to pick a beautiful dress, invite my best girlfriends to stand by my side, have my fiance indulge me in my ‘bridezilla moments’ and walk down the aisle to marry the man I love.  I know I sound a little ‘bitter bridesmaid’ but to know what a big deal it is for it to finally be my turn, firstly you’d better know a little about me:

My name is Jodine and I am a wedding-holic.  I have been to over 400 weddings and shed a tear at every single one (almost).  I wasn’t always this way but ever since I got my first taste of the magic that is a wedding day, I have been dreaming of my very own.  The excitement, the tears, the dress, the flowers, the first dance, the toss of the bouquet – I love it all!

I heart weddings

My wedding obsession began at the same time I started my first ‘real’ job (I don’t count the day my best friend and I spent picking boysenberries) at the tender of age of 15.  I worked in at a local winery for the impressive wage of $5.50 an hour, which was paid weekly, in cash, in a small brown envelope, less the cost of any ‘staff meals’.  My first month in the glamorous wine industry consisted of making sure that all of the tables in the busy winery restaurant had full water carafes.  Yip, a whole month as the ‘water girl’.

But slowly I moved up the ranks from food runner, to fully fledged waitress and on to Maitre d’.  The winery was a popular spot for couples to say ‘I do’ in the olive grove or the beach across the road, then dance the night away in the restaurant.  From the first time I watched a bride walk down the aisle, to cry her way through her heartfelt vows, I was hooked.

From there, it was on to Event Manager at another winery that hosted 60 weddings a year.  Then on to London, as Sales & Marketing Coordinator – Weddings and Private Events, where I got to work with couples on ‘big budget’ weddings – a far cry from the ‘DIY weddings’ of my hometown.

But now it’s my turn and I couldn’t be happier.  I have the man of my dreams and together (he picked the band) we are planning the biggest day of our lives.  And I can’t wait!  The only slight downside is that we are also living 2,591 kms from our closest friends, family and our wedding location.  It does make it a little difficult to share all of the wedding planning excitement with those we love the most, hence this blog.  This is my way of sharing the adventure of planning a wedding with anyone who cares to read this.  Here we go….