I’ve always thought engagement photos are super cheesy.  The unnatural poses, the ‘I love you’ stares – cheese!  But when I saw a $39 voucher for Your Photographer on GrabOne of course I grabbed it!  I wasn’t sure quite how Mr M would react but being the amazing man that he is, he was more than happy to put on his colour coordinated outfit (not really on purpose) and follow me to the beach at Shorncliffe to spend the afternoon in uncomfortable, cheesy poses.

The photographer we met, Melanie, was really bubbly and fun which helped us to relax but we didn’t quite factor in the hoards of picnicking beach-goers who would become our audience.  It can be really difficult to hold that ‘madly in love’ pose while a dozen strangers are staring at you from behind the camera-woman.  And giggle!  I don’t know what it is about trying to be serious that makes you giggle like crazy!  Mr M and I spent many moments in fits of the giggles – at least we didn’t have to try to hard to smile.

After an hour of unnatural poses (now just put your arm back a bit.  A bit further.  A bit further.  Don’t worry if it snaps off!) we left the beach looking forward to see the finished product.  Of course Your Photographer had sold hundreds of vouchers so it was a few weeks before we got to see the photos but when we were finally sent the link we loved them all!  Here are a few of our favs:

Engagement Photoshoot Beach

Ol' rubber neck
Ol’ rubber neck

Engagement Photoshoot