I’m not a feminist. Nor do I, in any way, dislike my fiancée’s surname. It’s just that I am kind of ‘used’ to my name and I’m not sure that I want to change it.

I have had this name for 3 decades.  It’s the one I learnt to write when I was little. It’s the one that is on my degree.  And if you Google it, the first few pages and the first few images are actually me! I use it on TwitterPinterest and it’s my email address. But does any of that matter?

I have had a long talk to Mr. Mac about it and in true Mr. Mac fashion, he really doesn’t mind either way. He is happy for me to keep my name, take his or even slam the two together into a double bagger hyphenated super name! Where he does draw the line is with the naming of any children we may be lucky enough to have. He would not be so happy if they had a different name to him.  And fair enough too. But where does that leave me?

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and wedding forums on this very subject and it seems that there are so many different options out there.  Not just to keep my name, take Mr. Mac’s or hyphenate – some brides change their middle name to include their maiden name, or use both their own and their husbands – depending on the circumstances.  Or both the bride and groom could change their name to the hyphenated version or the groom can even take the brides name!  And then there are the really creative couples who create a brand new surname for themselves – like when Mr Pugh and Miss Griffin became Mr. and Mrs. Puffin!

I really hope I have made a decision by the time the wedding rolls around.  That gives me just 82 days to make the decision.