Pinterest Board Cover Images

Pinterest is one of those sites that can simultaneously inspire you to do all the things (bake, make, create, cook, build, design….) and keep you from doing anything at all. I am guilty of spending hours trapped within the endless pages of pretty Pinterest pictures. Very rarely do I find exactly what I’m looking for and go about my day.

If you haven’t discovered it already, Pinterest is an excellent source of traffic for your blog – every post you make should be pinned to your Pinterest account. And if you’re wanting to make your boards stand out from the crowd, why not spruce them up with some cute cover images. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Create

Pinterest - Blogging Tips

Create a gorgeous image that complements the look and feel of your blog. I made mine quite small: 450px wide by 305 px high. If you’re not great with design, perhaps try Snappa. Snappa is a super simple design app with royalty free images available to use attribution free. You can add text and effects at this stage but as Snappa is still in Beta, more features are coming.

Step 2 – Pin

Add a pin to Pinterest

Upload your new cover images to each board as pins.

Step 3 – Edit

Edit Pinterest board cover

Edit your board to change the cover image to the one you’re select and voila – gorgeous Pinterest board covers.


You could just head to my Pinterest account and re-pin mine to use as your own 🙂