When you think of a ‘blogger’ you probably imagine someone sitting at home, in front of the computer screen, coffee nice and handy, tapping away at the keys. Or maybe you think of someone sitting alone in a café, lost in their laptop, oblivious to the world around them. Both may be true on occasion but what you may not know is being a blogger* gives you instant entry to an amazingly awesome club. A bit like being a mum – except a lot less ‘judgey’.

I am fairly geographically isolated and can’t attend meet ups with other bloggers but I do have a few virtual ‘coffee groups’ where I can share ideas, frustrations, questions and triumphs. I am so grateful to have other bloggers I can turn to who I know will understand exactly what I am feeling or have suggestions to problems I need to solve. I feel like I have really come to know some women through their writing and I really look forward to their new posts popping up in my inbox.

In the spirit of Friday Favourites (if you’re not sure what it’s about, check out the first Friday Favourites) I thought I might share with you just a few of my favourite reads (exclusive of the other Friday Favourites hosts, of course!)

Some of my favourite blogs.

Mama Said.

Emily Writes | www.missesmac.co.nzEmily is, in many ways, the type of writer and mother I aspire to be. She writes truthfully, thoughtfully and intelligently. Even her Rants and Snark posts have an underlying message. My favourite Mama Said posts:


Runawaykiwi | www.missesmac.com Rebecca reminds me of a time long ago when I too was a twenty-something Kiwi living in London. Her posts are simply fun to read. My favourite Runawaykiwi posts:

Baby Mac.

Baby Mac | www.missesmac.co.nz I stumbled upon Baby Mac when I was expecting my own baby Mac. The name was enough for me to check out Beth and her blog. She was pregnant when I started following and now has a scrummy baby girl. She is funny, an amazing photographer and seems to have a bit of a thing for the Royal family. My favourite Baby Mac post:

Dorothy Nada.

Dorothy Nada blog | www.missesmac.com While I love reading Leigh-ann from Dorothy Nada’s posts – I really love her gorgeous photos. Every blogger eventually needs to find their way around a camera. Leigh-ann seems to do it better than most! My favourite Dorothy Nada post:


Blackbird | www.missesmac.com Gem is the only blogger in this list I have met in real life. Admittedly it was a very brief meeting at my cousin’s baby shower and I didn’t discover her blog until later. I don’t usually follow blogs like Blackbird. I admire the images when they pop up in Instagram or Pinterest but there is something about the stunningly stylish images that make me feeling just ever so slightly inadequate. However as soon as started reading I was hooked. I could suddenly see past the pretty pictures to the person beneath. My favourite Blackbird posts:

I love discovering new writers. Whose writing do you love to read?

*I still struggle to call myself a real ‘blogger’ even though I’ve been doing it in various forms for 3 years. It still feels like something I’m aspiring to become – one day I may feel like I’ve earned the title 🙂

Friday Favourites.



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Friday Favourites:

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