Have you heard about Fiverr? No? Well, Fiverr is a super cool online marketplace where you can purchase all kinds of online deliverable services for just five bucks! Five US bucks that is. Fiverr’s mission is simple: disrupt the service industry. While almost anyone could find something of interest on the site, there is just so much on offer at Fiverr for bloggers.

Fiverr for bloggers | www.missesmac.co.nz

I discovered Fiverr a couple of years ago, by chance, while searching for help with designing a logo. I love to design but I’m not very good at it. So I was looking for someone who could turn my ideas in to beautiful design for next to nothing. Enter Fiverr. Here is a selection of design work I have purchased on Fiverr:

My logo. Yip – my logo cost me a fiver:

Misses Mac Logo | www.missesmac.co.nz

The logo for my husband’s business, G Mac Flooring:

G Mac Flooring Ltd | www.missesmac.co.nz

This cute little video created for a previous job. My Facebook page was a finalist in the Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs – yes, they are a thing!) and I needed to submit a short video for the award ceremony. I was so happy with this one:

While Fiverr is not targeted specifically at bloggers, there are so many ‘gigs’ available for the blogging community. Here are some of those that I have found:

Services available on Fiverr for bloggers:

  • Logo design
  • Social media design – Facebook cover images, profile pictures, Twitter profile pics – any social media channel you can imagine
  • Content – guest posts, posts on specific topics, interview posts
  • Promotion – have your blog mentioned on other, high-traffic blogs and social media channels – this one seems a bit icky to me. I think I’d rather stick to writing content I’m proud of and if another blogger decides it’s worthy of mention I’ll be over the moon! You can also purchase re-Pins, re-Tweets, Facebook sharse etc. Again, I would rather earn these organically but in saying that, I do use the sponsored and promoted post options on Facebook so is this any different?
  • Advertising – banner ads, links etc.
  • Increased blog traffic – yes, ‘real human traffic’ to boost your site stats
  • Blog comments – with a promise that they are thoughtful and engaging 🙂
  • SEO advice
  • Help with the initial set up of your blog
  • Editing/proof-reading posts/pages
  • Help with troubleshooting your blogging issues

While all of these services have a base rate of US$5, there is always the options to purchase ‘gig extras’. From speeding up delivery to increased file options, there is always the opportunity to spend more cash with a seller.

As with any online purchase, there is the chance that the seller won’t deliver. My advice:

  1. Check out the sellers feedback.
  2. Check out the sellers response time to give you an indication on when you might hear from them.
  3. Look closely at their sample work – make sure it’s indicative of what you are after.
  4. Check out the language/s the seller speaks. Make sure they speak the same language as you – literally!
  5. Give them a very clear brief. Make sure you clearly communicate what it is you want. They can’t deliver a perfect service if you don’t ask for it!
  6. This one sounds a bit silly but keep your expectations low. You’re paying $5 after all. I have found around 60% of the gigs I have purchased have been fantastic, the others – not so much.

Have you used Fiverr before? What was your experience?

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