Weekly Web Wrap-Up

As the little man’s first birthday rapidly approaches, Mr. Mac and I have been a whirlwind of DIY/crafty activity. We are going just a little over board on this one. We know we are but just can’t stop. We want this special day – that he will have no memory of – to be just perfect. In light of this, my web surfing activity has been a bit quieter than usual. So here it is:

Weekly Web Wrap-up
  • 1,000 musicians playing the Foo Fighter’s “Learn To Fly” can be described in one word: epic. The massive group jam was an effort to get Dave and the boys to play in Cesena, Italy. And guess what? They succeeded! Dave posted a response to say that he would see them soon.
  • As I’m yet to work up the courage to expose my new ‘mummy body’ and go swimming in public with my little dude, I really felt empowered reading this post about body image by Kara from Mothering the Divide. I’m not yet ready to go and grab my togs but I feel like I’m one step closer.
  • Have you ever seen a music video without the music? Well there is a YouTube channel full of them! Of course there is. Check out Lionel Richie’s video for ‘Hello’ without words. Strange, awkward and a bit disturbing. Reminds me of an 80’s stalker movie.
  • Just in case you haven’t seen it, this is the SINGLE CUTEST video on YouTube. Even though the fireworks was finished this gorgeous little cherub couldn’t stop listening out for more. So her awesome Daddy thought he’d help distract her with the greatest duet ever, complete with ukulele. Cuteness overload!
  • And just for fun, here’s a video I posted this week: Baby Mac with his baby walker. We thought we were so sneaky sticking the GoPro underneath the walker. Turns out nothing gets past this kid!

What have you been checking out (or posting) online this week?