Weekly Web Wrap-Up

I spend an awful lot of time on the internet. Some may say I have a mild addiction. I disagree – I can stop whenever I want to – I just need to check my emails and send a quick tweet first.

A lot of my time is spent reading articles, watching videos, exploring social media and generally finding interesting and entertaining crap to waste my small amount of free time on. So I thought I might get in to a habit of sharing what I have been checking out each week.  So here goes:

Weekly Web Wrap-Up #1

  • Insane Rubik’s Cube action – Feliks Zemdegs solved a Rubik’s Cube in 5.695 seconds at the Rubik’s Cube World Championships. This seriously makes me want to go out and buy a Rubik’s Cube! Because I totally have too much time on my hands and really need something to help occupy my time. Ahem. Not.
  • Wally the Welsh Corgi. I have a bit of a soft spot for novelty Instagram accounts. Wally is right up there in my top 10. Just too cute! Check out his advice for office etiquette on Mashable.
  • Follow Me. Now this is some serious eye candy if you like gorgeous backdrops and interesting photo composition. You may have seen the Follow Me series already with Russian photographer, Murad Osmann, and his insanely beautiful wife, Natalia. Murad takes incredible photos of his wife from behind – hard to explain – just take a look here. Well the pair are back with a series of honeymoon shots. Just breathtaking.
  • Asshole Parents. Baby Mac is still a little too young for me to fully understand many of these pictures but I still have a bit of a chuckle. My favourite: the asshole parent who didn’t get her daughter a Mother’s day gift.
  • And just a wee tug at the ol’ heartstrings: try and make it through this post by Hannah Help Me without at least a bit of a sniffle. A reminder that our little ones will soon be grown and independent. “Here’s the deal with motherhood: It’s our job to raise independent kids; but no one tells you how to handle it when it really happens.” *sniff sniff

What have you been checking out on the world wide web this week?