Today is my birthday! Woo hoo – 21 again 🙂 Black Box* must have me down in their birthday book as look what arrived on my doorstep this morning:

Black Box |

Aw, Black Box – you shouldn’t have. But I’m really glad you did! So for those of you in New Zealand who are yet to receive a Black Box, or maybe yours is on the way and you want a sneaky peak of what’s coming to you, check out the contents of mine.

What's in my first ever Black Box |

What’s in my very first Black Box.

I did a quick calculation with the Countdown online shopping website and I worked out that buying all products would cost around $56.50 (NZD). I didn’t include the sample sized mustards, salad dressings and the razor. The box also comes with a ‘Campaign Booklet’ with a further $11 (NZD) worth of vouchers. That’s a total of $67.50 (NZD)!! Not bad for filling in a questionnaire and reviewing the products.

So what’s in the box?

Black Box contents |

1. Phoenix Organic sparkling water – ginger, lemongrass and apple
2. Schweppes Spicy Ginger Beer
3. Monteith’s Mid Strength Ale
4. Rekorderlig Cider – raspberry lime

Black Box contents |

5. Tip Top Deluxe Brioche
6. Healtheries Iced Tea – lemon and lime
7. Arnotts Shapes Light & Crispy – sour cream and chives
8. Healtheries Real Food Bars – Almond and Cacao Nibs + Ginger and Lemon
9. Robert Harris coffee capsules – French espresso

Black Box contents |

10. Schick Xtreme 3 razor
11. Banana Boat kids sunscreen lotion
12. Mae Ploy Thai style salad dressing x 2
13. Maille Dijon Originale mustard
14. Maille Old Style mustard
15. Glad Press’n’Seal wrap

I can’t wait to get stuck in to theses products – especially the cider. It is my birthday after all 🙂

*Black Box is an in-home marketing tool here in New Zealand. Sample Co. send out full size samples of all sorts of products, according to your specified preferences. Boxes are issued to select registrants and not every one who registers receives one. Those who do are expected to review the products and post on social media.

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