Mother’s day is the business! I half expected it to be a bit of the New Year’s eve situation – all hype and a bit of a let down. But from start to finish, my very first Mother’s Day was pretty darn awesome.  Highlights included:

  • sleep in until 9am (yes – 9am!!!!)
  • cooked breakkie (mmmm pancakes)
  • thoughtful gift: cute distressed wood photo frame for my new office
  • awesome gift: tickets to the Comedy Convoy and babysitter organised!
  • lovely lunch at Shed 2
  • hubby offering to change the poopy nappy!
  • and the number 1 highlight: hubby changed the sheets on the bed! I think this is the first time he has changed the sheets since, well, ‘we’ had sheets!

I’ve always loved Christmas and made a big deal about upcoming birthdays but I think both have been surpassed by Mother’s Day. Feeling very loved x

My Mother's Day Gift
My Mother’s Day Gift