3 Months

My latest learnings, 3 months in:

  • ‘He spewed on me, better get changed’ became ‘He spewed on me, better sponge it off’ and is now ‘He spewed on me, I’ll just rub it in’.
  • Saving that cute outfit for a special occasion? Nope – grown out of it.
  • Despite being totally disgusted seeing other parents do this during my ‘pre-baby days’, a quick sniff of the bum is definitely the easiest way to find out if that was a number 2 or just a mighty ’toot’. (Yes, we call them ’toots’ now.)
  • It may sounds like normal baby talk to anyone else but that was the first time he has ever made that ‘thhhppppptttt’ sound and I am going to tell him his is So clever! Yes he is! Such a clever boy!
  • Think you’ve finally figured out the magic trick to get him to go to sleep/stay asleep/stop crying/whatever else you’re struggling with? Nope – that only worked yesterday. Today is a new day with all new rules!
  • He can do that one amazing thing a hundred times but the minute you try to show someone ‘sorry Mum, I have no idea what you’re on about!’ Also goes for the doctor: rush him in with some terrifying symptom only to have him smile and coo at everyone including the receptionist and the others in the waiting room.
  • Looking forward to finding out what age burping changes from something to be celebrated to something to be discouraged.
  • My baby is actually a real, little person. Despite what that book or baby expert says he should be doing, HE will actually have the final say!