2 Months

Learnings of a New Parent: Month 2 Update:

  • Leaving the house with a baby is like planning a military operation. And the enemy will sniff out your weakness. ‘Forgot to bring a clean pair of socks? Let me put my foot in my dirty nappy while you change me!’
  • The ghost spew – when you hear your baby spew, search everywhere but can’t find it, convince yourself it was just a ‘wet burp’ only to find the milky baby-badge on your shoulder several hours later. While at the supermarket.
  • I have become a mime, a contortionist, a vocal impersonator and a sound effect master just to see my baby smile. There is nothing I won’t do to see one of those heart-melting, gummy grins. Also love watching my husband, a grown man, do the same. 
  • If I want to know who held my baby last I just sniff him! Babies have a strange ability to suck up perfume/cologne.
  • Baby a bit fussy? Take his temperature. Baby extra sleepy? Take his temperature. Baby not sleeping? Take his temperature. You can never take a baby’s temperature too often. And no, I don’t take it rectally.