Once upon a time there was a girl who was really good at gift-giving. She would research online for hours, hunt out unique finds in stores and generally buy thoughtful, awesome gifts for everyone near and dear to her. Then that girl had a baby boy and everything changed. Suddenly she was lucky if she remembered a special occasion, let alone remembered to get a gift. Those thoughtful gifts turned in to hastily purchased bottles of wine or bunches of flowers. Usually on the way to a celebration. And if there wasn’t a celebration, well, there wasn’t a gift.

Ok, you got me – that girl is me! I am officially the worst gift giver around! And this really sucks at Christmas time. But I have a trick to disguise my terrible gifts – gorgeous wrapping. From brown paper packages tied up with string to hand-stamped creations – I seem to have shifted all of my effort in to the wrapping. And maybe that has something to do with becoming a mum, in the same way that I long for a sewing machine or a herb garden. Who the heck am I?

A simply way I have found to make gifts look unique is to print your own gift tags. I love scouring Pinterest for beautiful, printable tags – always free, of course. I usually go for rectangular shapes (easier to cut) and designs with more white than black (saves on the ink). I print them at home on my super cheap printer on paper in-between card and regular paper (usually around 150gsm). Teamed with cute ribbon or string, you can’t go wrong!

Here are my favourite gift tags I have been using for my Christmas wrapping this year:

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tag | www.missesmac.co.nz

TOP | Kelli Murray
MIDDLE | Gather and Feast
BOTTOM | Almost Makes Perfect

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tag | www.missesmac.co.nz

TOP | a pair and a spare
BOTTOM | Maiko Nagao

Check out BuzzFeed for loads more printable Christmas pretties.

What are your top tips for gorgeous wrapping? Have you found any gorgeous printable goodies?

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