Disclaimer: I was gifted the Organic Baby Carrier by Munch in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Munch Organic Baby Carrier

Babywearing has been a saviour for me with both boys but particularly with Jamie. Being a “reflux baby” it really important to keep him upright for 15 minutes after feeds. But sitting around holding a baby for 15 minutes, after battling through a hour long feed, is not always ideal. Pop him in a baby carrier and you’re hands free and good to go! There was also the first month out of hospital when he wasn’t allowed out and about much. Again, pop him in the baby carrier and no one can get their germy mits on him! And he looooooves being worn in a baby carrier. He snuggles in and it really helps him keep calm.

Prior to becoming a parent, I had no idea about babywearing. But once Lockie was born, and we were well and truly in the thick of the fourth trimester, it became apparent that the secret to keeping him calm and happy was to keep him close. We tried a few slings and different carriers and settled on a wrap. Wraps can seem a little daunting at first – all that fabric, figuring out how to tie it – but once you have it worked out it is soooo easy. I practiced in the mirror and then over the bed once I was ready to insert the baby. I also used to tie the wrap before I left the house – they are comfy enough to drive in and it saves time and stress when you are still learning – just straight out of the car seat and into the wrap.

Munch Organic Baby Carrier

The Munch Organic Baby Carrier is gorgeous. Firstly, it comes in a handy pouch – too easy to biff in the car for handsfree shopping when you’re out and about. The fabric is so soft but still has enough strength and stretch that you feel like it’s really holding bubs in there. It’s actually made from bamboo which has a higher breathability rating than other fabrics.  Bamboo also has some natural anti-bacterial properties. And I’ve had a number of comments on the colour – it really is gorgeous and goes with anything.

Munch Organic Baby Carrier

When it comes to tying, the Munch Organic Baby Carrier has a label right in the middle. This is super handy as it is basically where you start tying from. Most techniques start with label on your tummy.

This wrap is also nice and long – perfect for us bigger babywearers but if you have a smaller build you just go around one more time – too easy!

Munch Organic Baby Carrier

Wraps are just so versatile. You can wear babes from newborn to much older. Jamie is around 8kgs and almost 9 months old and as happy as anything. The Munch Organic Baby Carrier has a limit of 13kgs so we still have ages. You can change your wrap style as your baby grows – against your chest, facing out or on your back. And an added bonus – if you want to cover a mum tum simply stick a baby to your chest!

Munch Organic Baby Carrier

Here’s my summary of our trial of the Munch Organic Baby Carrier:

Thumbs Up

The best bits:

  • The fabric. It’s strong enough that you feel like your bubs is secure yet not too thick. I found the Moby wrap to be just so thick – this feels a lot lighter. And being made from bamboo, it has a higher breathability rating than other fabrics.
  • The colour. There are different options but this grey is just gorgeous and I haven’t found an outfit it hasn’t worked with.
  • Versatility. This one is not specific to this wrap but wraps in general – they are one size fits all for wearers and babies, they can grow with your baby and last for ages.
  • The company you are purchasing from. Munch is an eco friendly social enterprise company that creates unique products with strong design elements. I also love that all parts of Munch are touched by mums wanting to contribute to a sustainable idea – they are flexible and collaborative with all their mums, allowing them to work outside of traditional work structures. They also host the annual Munch Awards to raise awareness of the good and the bad in the kids food industry. You can find out more about their story on their website.

Thumbs down

The not so great bits:

  • This is going to be a short list. There aren’t any. I honestly couldn’t fault this baby carrier.

Get it

Honestly, I can’t fault this baby carrier. I would 100% recommend it to anyone with a baby.

→You can purchase the Munch Organic Baby Carrier from the Munch website.

Munch Organic Baby Carrier
Handsfree baby for easy toddler wrangling!

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Organic Baby Carrier by Munch in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.