Our little monkey has always been a rather big monkey (consistently 98th percentile on the Well Child weight and height charts!) so he grew out of the baby bath very early on.  Now that he sits up and moves around the big bath he really loves playing with his bath toys.  For a long time we simply had various cups, plastic toys, a token rubber ducky – even a small plastic coat hanger!  I finally decided it was time to buy him some actual bath toys and stumbled upon the Boon Bubbles online.

Boon Bubbles bath toy

These things are cool.  They are lightweight bubbles (funny that) with suction cups on the end.  You can stick them to the sides of the bath, the water spout, each other – even to Daddy’s forehead or knee!  You can make long chains of bubbles or group them by colour or size on the side of the bath (in the pack you’ll find 10 blue, purple and green bubbles in large and small sizes).

Baby Mac with Boon Bubbles

Baby Mac can be pretty rough with his toys – particularly with his shiny new chompers.  We’ve only had the bubbles a couple of weeks but they’ve already had a bit of a thrashing and come out without a scratch.  He particularly loves watching the bubble bob up and down when he uses his whole arms to splash the water.

Thumbs Up
  • Bright, fun and different to traditional bath toys.
  • Somehow they are just ‘sucky enough’.  Stick well yet can be pulled off by bathing bubs.
  • Durable.  Can withstand chomping by a bubba exploring his new teeth!
  • Don’t hold water like some other bath toys so can be pulled straight out of the bath to be stored. (No more squeezing all of the water out of the rubber ducky!)
Thumbs Down
  • They only seem to come in one colour combo.  Would be cool to buy a second pack in other colours.
  • Price.  I bought these on special for $23.40 from the Winkalotts Outlet but have seen them retailing as high as $39.99 here in New Zealand.  I certainly wouldn’t pay that for bath toys!

Disclaimer: these views are entirely my own. No compensation (including free products) have been received by any of the retailers or brands mentioned in this post.