Nine months of breastfeeding and I’ve called it quits. Honestly, it’s 9 months longer than I thought we would manage, after all of the issues the first time around. It feels weird to me to say I’m proud of feeding my son for 9 months. I’ve fed his brother for 3 years and I don’t take much pride in that. But then he probably does have more chicken nuggets than he should. I feed myself every day. I sometimes even “cook” (I use the term loosely) for my husband. Breastfeeding is super hard but having a baby is super hard so maybe I’m proud of keeping the kids alive, full stop.

Recently I had thought we would feed for a year – go straight from mum’s milk to cow’s milk. But then the baby got teeth. These two little razor sharp teeth. Teeth which felt like cut glass when he nipped my nips. I tried a loud “ow” – this resulted in giggles from the gremlin. I tried squeezing his ear, taking him off the boob, telling him “no” loudly. My nips were on fire between feeds. I started to dread feeding. Those feelings of anxiety I had with feeding Lockie came flooding back. I started to think about switching to a bottle and I didn’t hate the idea.

Brestfeeding and my boys |

Turns out Jamie didn’t hate the idea either. He was already happy taking the odd bottle and formula doesn’t seem to upset his tummy or phase him at all. I was concerned he might not be keen on a bottle in the middle of the night but no issues there. He does seem to drink a lot less than Lockie did. When you’re breastfeeding you don’t really know how much they’re drinking, do you?

Little Monkey |

It’s now been just over 24 hours since his last breastfeed and we’re both doing well. I’ve pumped once to relieve some pressure – interestingly only righty was full, lefty has always been a bit of an underachiever. I have had a couple of moments of “will he still love me” but when I visualise feeding I honestly don’t want to do it. And yes, he does still seem to love me. At the end of the day, we have to stop sometime – either now or when he starts school, ha ha!

When did you stop breastfeeding? Do you have any tips for stopping the milk makers?

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