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PLEASE NOTE: Early Buds has now closed and the Prem Pack is no longer available.

When you become a mum it feels like you’ve joined a new club. You always thought you knew what it would be like to have your own children but until you joined the club, you really had no idea. It’s new, it’s scary, it’s wonderful, and luckily there are loads of amazing members to help support you as a newbie. You learn things that had never even crossed your mind. You become even more tired than you though humanly possible. And you feel feelings stronger than you ever imagined.

Having a premature baby felt like we’d joined another new club. I had no idea about the ins and outs of the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU). I learned about cares and gastric tubes and saturation levels. I learned about the one step forward, two steps back that often accompany such little bubbas. It was a whole new, scary world. But again, there were loads of others that had gone before us, only too happy to provide support – including a fantastic NZ Facebook support group.

One thing we had never heard of was the Early Buds Prem Packs. Early Buds was started in 2010 by Janelle following the birth of her son at just 28 weeks. It’s a wonderful charity, supporting parents during some of the toughest times that they may experience. Early Buds will send a free care package to any parent with a baby born before 37 weeks gestation who is currently in a New Zealand neonatal or special care baby unit. The prem packs are filled with treats to help mum feel special and they also include some gorgeous handmade items specially designed premature babies.

I remember the day that ours was delivered. It gave me such a lift from the monotony of SCBU – when every day seems to bleed in to the next and all you can do is hope that soon you will get to take your baby home.

Early Buds Prem Pack

The contents can change but this was what we received in our pack:

Early Buds Prem Pack | www.missesmac.com
Gorgeous eye mask for mum.
Early Buds Prem Pack | www.missesmac.com
Beautiful hand knitting.
Early Buds Prem Pack | www.missesmac.com
Teeny tiny premature sized nappies.
Early Buds Prem Pack | www.missesmac.com
NICO Milestone Cards. You can purchase these separately from here: https://www.earlybuds.org.nz/product/nicu-milestone-cards/
Early Buds Prem Pack | www.missesmac.com
Burp cloth and wee tissue holder with tissues (always handy!)
Early Buds Prem Pack | www.missesmac.com
A NICU gown – easy to pop on a little one, to hide some of the tubes and monitors.
Early Buds Prem Pack | www.missesmac.com
Reusable breast pads and a hot choccie.

The NICU milestone cards were my favourite thing.

Preemie Milestone Card

Check out the Early Buds website. They also sell amazing gift packs, designed for premature babies. They are so well thought out – any parents of a premature baby would be delighted to receive one.

You can also donate to Early Buds through their Give A Little page.