A custom designed engagement ring is so special until you start shopping for a wedding band. Mr Mac and I quickly realised that a store bought band was not going to cut it. So we went back to the designer for a custom wedding band. The main problem was the height of my engagement ring – it was just so high that any wedding band sat underneath it.  So my custom wedding band was created with an open air line like the engagement ring.

In stark contrast, Mr Mac jumped online and within about an hour had picked his wedding band, worked out his size and placed an order.  If only everything was as simple as that!

Once both rings had arrived and we had both tried them on (and marvelled at the fact that we would be wearing them for life!) we decided to make them really special by getting them engraved.  We had discussed ideas for engraving and had decided on lyrics from one of our special ‘wedding songs’.  We decided on our fav – ‘Lucky’ by Fly My Pretties.  This band holds a very special place in our hearts following a gig of theirs that we almost went to, but that is a whole other story!  So on my ring I have ‘A love as good as this’ and Mr Mac has ‘A love as strong as this’.


His Wedding Band



Her wedding band



Our rings at our wedding:

His wedding ring

Our wedding rings