When Mr. Mac and I started working on our wedding budget, we put down everything we could possibly want, freaked out at the cost, then started to take out any ‘non-essentials’. One such non-essential was the wedding video.

I have always loved the idea of a video of the big day to look back on. But we would have photos to look at, right? And maybe we could get a friend to video the ceremony, just on a home video. Surely that would do, right? Well that’s what I thought until I got lost in a Facebook wedding stalker session (the one where you link from one wedding supplier Facebook page to another and another and suddenly two hours have gone by in a giant wedding blur) and I stumbled upon Mayer Video Media. I always knew they had a great reputation but their videos were just stunning! Stunning enough to make me tear up. And through the teary haze, I could pretend that the couple in the video was really me and Mr. Mac. That was it – I was sold.  Check this out:


Luckily Mr. Mac is just as mushy as me and after watching some videos online, he was sold too. So I quickly fired off an email and waited to hear if they were available. A couple of days later I got the response – they had two other weddings booked in but three camera operators so we were in! And since then, we have had so many people comment on how important and special it is to have someone video the day for you. Even Mr. Mac’s brother, one of the groomsmen, said it is a wedding ‘must have’. I can’t wait to see the video of our big day and relive the special moments over and over for years to come.