Music plays such a huge part in a wedding. It is the sound track that sets the tone for the day – from the song that plays as the guests first glimpse the bride, making her way down the aisle, to the first dance track. I have certainly seen my fair share of interesting choices. From the bride that boogied down the aisle to ‘Mustang Sally’ to the couple who finished their ceremony with the theme song from ‘Star Wars’. I have seen bagpipes, harps, string quarters, acoustic guitar, a capella singers through to Dixieland jazz bands. I also remember almost a whole season of bride’s walking down the aisle to ‘Ave Maria’!

The biggest tear jerker though was the groom who chose to sing his bride down the aisle. He arrived almost two hours before the ceremony was due to begin and began rehearsing, alone, in the olive grove, where the ceremony was to be held. I was setting up the drinks that would be served after the ‘I do’s’ and I just remember thinking, ‘this guy isn’t going to make it’. He was clearly extremely nervous and was struggling to hold a tune, let alone remember the words. When his guests began arriving, he was forced to give up on the rehearsal but his nerves didn’t seem to get any better. Finally it was time for the bride to ‘do her thing’ and the groom started to sing. He managed about half of the first line before choking as tears overcame him. I knew it wasn’t going to go to plan. But then the loveliest thing happened – his three groomsmen took up the tune and sang with him as his bride made her way up the aisle. He was still extremely emotional but with the support of his best mates, he made it through. The groomsmen weren’t the best singers but they knew their pal needed them. It was just such a lovely moment to witness.

Then there are the couples who go the whole hog with the first dance – choreographed dance moves and routines that include the whole bridal party. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube – my favourite is:


And my favourite ‘shimmy up the aisle’ video is:


Mr. Mac and I surprisingly picked our wedding songs very easily. We thought we would stick to just four. We have chosen:

Processional (brides entrance):
Tiny Dancer – Elton John
We both love the Dave Grohl version of this song ( and love the film ‘Almost Famous’ where it makes an appearance. Mr Mac played this song to me when he proposed. Awww.

Signing of the Marriage Register:
In My Life – The Beatles

Recessional (as we walk back down the aisle after being announced as husband and wife):
Come Together – The Beatles

First Dance:
Lucky – Fly My Pretties
This has been ‘our song’ forever.

We will have a fantastic acoustic guitarist playing the first three (James Rochester) then the first dance will be on iPod or CD. We are a little disappointed that our band (Verdant Blue) won’t learn out first dance song but we can’t have everything.