Having a D.I.Y. wedding means that you are not stuck with the usual alcoholic beverage restrictions that are part and parcel of many Hawke’s Bay venues. Getting married at a winery, of course you are going to be expected to serve your guests only the wine made by that particular winery. But we have no such stipulations at the gorgeous Millhills Lodge. So we decided to create a custom cocktail for our guests.

We wanted something very tropical that reflected our current home of sunny Queensland. We decided to include both pineapple and mango as these two fruits grow in abundance in the area. We added some vodka (who doesn’t love vodka) and a splash of lemon. Then topped it all up with soda.  Served over ice, this stuff is delicious!  We hope our guests love it as much as we do. Oh and the name: we spent so long trying to find a name for the delicious tipple that didn’t ooze cheese. We went through ‘Tropical Love’, ‘PineMango Passion’ – we even tried combining our names but the ‘Grodine’ didn’t sound all that appetising. Then Mr M.’s brother (and groomsman) suggested ‘Tropikey’ – it’s tropical and also ties in the whole key theme of the wedding. Perfect.

Wedding Cocktail