Working on so many weddings, I have seen plenty of ways that couples choose to incorporate their own personalities into their special day. One simple and popular way is to name the guest tables in a way that reflects the couple. I have seen everything from simple wine varieties (the weddings were held in a winery), to Elvis song titles, classic cars, even countries that the couple had visited together.  They even had a framed photo of themselves in each particular country in the centre of each table.  I don’t think Mr M. and I would get far with Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and Bali.  Those would have to be really big tables!

One that really stood out though was a couple who had table names like ‘Waikeria’, ‘Rimutaka’ and ‘Arohata’.  I thought and thought but couldn’t figure out the connection – I had to ask.  It turns out that the groom had worked for the Department of Corrections for a number of years and each of the tables were named after NZ prisons!  Very creative but I’m not sure how I would have felt seated at ‘Mangaroa’.

We have opted for a very personal touch for our tables.  Each table will feature a special date, address or detail of our relationship.  For example:

Table 5

We won’t have the details on the seating plan so it won’t be until our guests are seated, that they will find out what special detail their table refers to. We are also hoping it will encourage our guests to move around the reception to read all of them!