It all starts with the proposal.  The moment when he (or she) drops to one knee and asks the big question, ‘will you marry me?’  Now Mr M (husband-to-be) knows me very well.  He is well aware of my wedding obsession.  He simply takes my subtle hints in his stride.  Past hints have included:

‘So, this friend of a girl I work with just got engaged and her fiance proposed with a sweet little silver ring he had picked out for her but it wasn’t THE ring.  She got to pick that herself!  It’s that a fantastic idea?!’

‘Wow, look at these photos on Pinterest, babe.  This guy had a hidden photographer take photos when he proposed.  Isn’t that an awesome idea?!’

‘Oh my gosh, babe, so-and-so just asked what’s-her-face to marry her at Machu Picchu.  They just updated their relationship statuses on Facebook. Machu Picchu, babe, how amazing would that be?!’

Needless to say, Mr M, had a little pressure to create the perfect moment.  But he pulled it off by pulling the old fakey.  Here’s how it went:

So he tells me he is taking me on a surprise holiday (I had already seen a letter address to him from Noosa Holiday Resorts so I had a bit of an idea where we were headed).  We hit the road and eventually arrive at a beautiful apartment, high on a hill overlooking Noosa Heads.  The apartment is stunning with two decks, both with amazing views, the top deck with a massive spa.

View from our apartment in Noosa
Stunning view from our apartment in Noosa

The first night is very relaxed but he promises he has a surprise for night two.  Night two rolls around and we hop in a taxi, just before sunset, and head down the hill.  Two minutes later we pull up at the Sheraton Noosa. He leads me behind the hotel to a stunning gondola on the river.  We climb aboard for our sunset dinner cruise, amazing seafood feast, delicious wine – more romance than you can poke a stick at!  Meanwhile, I’m thinking ‘this is it, he’s going to pop the big question!’

The gorgeous gondola.
The gorgeous gondola
Our gondola feast!
Our gondola feast!

So we devour the feast, all the while sharing kisses and whispering sweet nothings to each other.  I keep memorising the song that is playing so I can one day play it for our grandkids.  Every time he moves, my heart is pounding.  I’m beside myself with anticipation.  He reaches in to his pocket, I hold my breath as he pulls out……..his cellphone to take a photo of us. Right.  Ok.  So maybe tonight is not the night.

We pull up back at the jetty and head back to the apartment.  Me and my food baby flop down on the couch as Mr M heads up to the top deck to check on the spa as it had been playing up earlier in the day.  I grab the remote, flick through the channels and find something to watch.  A while later I realise that he’s been up there a long time.  And is that music I can hear?  What is going on??

I slowly walk up the stairs and realise that the music I hear is my favourite song, ‘Tiny Dancer’ (the Dave Grohl version).  As I get to the top I see hundred of candles covering the deck and my man right in the middle.  He drops to one knee and, as tears roll down my cheek, he asks me to spend the rest of my life with him!  He slips a ring on my finger and then it’s a bit of a blur but there is lots of hugging and kissing (and my favourite Champagne he had waiting on ice!)  And I’ve barely stopped smiling since.