I’ve always thought the idea of ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Matrons’ and ‘Maids of Honour’ just another one of those old fashioned traditions that have lost most of their meaning.  Call them what you will but I now know how lovely it is to have your best girlfriends there by my side when planning the most important and emotional day of my life so far.  Mr Mac. and I are each having four ‘attendants’ – on the high side for NZ weddings, but low by American standards.  Have you seen some of those enormous bridal parties?

I have read other bridal blogs about brides really struggling to choose their maids or even regretting their choice after (or even before) the big day.  Asking cousins or other relatives to join the bridal party only because that is what they ‘should do’.  Then of course there is the age old problem of the bridesmaid dress.  How do you dress a group of potentially very different woman all in the exact same dress?  Woman of different sizes, different shapes, different hair and skin colour and of course, different taste in dresses!

My four bridesmaids are amazing.  They have been so supportive and interested in all of the details – sharing my excitement every step of the way.  And even more importantly – willing to wear anything I want them to!  I love each and every one of them!  And I hope they remember that when they plan the hen’s night 🙂