I often struggle to write in the guestbook at weddings (and not always because of the number of wines I have consumed!) It seems that everyone writes the same sentiments – of course, you really do wish them a long and happy life together, but you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t!

Guestbook Love

For our guestbook we decided to do something a little different. We took advantage of one of the hundreds of ‘deal a day’ emails that fill up our inboxes and bought a voucher for a photobook. We then created a custom guestbook, full of our favourite photos. Each page poses a different question like ‘what is the best advice you have for the newlyweds?’ and ‘What celebrity couple are the happy couple most like?’ We have no doubt our friends and family will come up with some great answers to give us a bit of a giggle after the big day!

Guestbook Cover