Our photo in Eva Bradley's Bride of the Year competition.
Our photo in Eva Bradley’s Bride of the Year competition.

On 2 March, at the start of the year,
On a day full of love, laughter and cheer,
I married a man, the one of my dreams,
He makes me laugh – he even cooks and cleans!

All of our loved ones were there by our side,
As we said ‘I love you’ as groom and bride.
From start to finish, the day was amazing,
With ‘I dos’, dancing and lots of ‘glass raising’.

Our talented photographer, Ms Eva B,
Was there to capture every memory.
Images to cherish, to hang on our wall,
A lasting impression of the best day of them all.

And when we are wrinkled, old and grey,
We will look back at those pictures and remember that day,
When we said our ‘I dos’ and pledged our love,
With the Hawke’s Bay sun shining above.

So now is the time I ask something of you,
Just a little thing, it’s very easy to do.
I won’t take too long, just a minute or so,
I promise you’ll be done before you know.

As ‘Bride of the Year’, please vote for me,
In the competition run by Eva Bradley.
I would be ever so grateful if you’d do this small task,
It would make me so happy and it’s not much to ask.

There are some gorgeous brides in the contest,
And while I would love to come out as the best,
I would be happy for any of us to win,
For I have already won my ‘man with the grin’.