Let’s face it – animals can be much more than pets. I know lots of couples (and individuals) who have ‘fur babies’ rather than the traditional pink, chubby, sweet smelling ones. Mr. M and I have a lovely pooch who we had to leave behind in New Zealand when we made the big move to Australia. But I never considered that she would be a part of the wedding. She has a very special place in our hearts but she loves to chase birds, bark at cows and eat poo – not quite the look we were going for. However it was lovely to have some photos early in the day with the gorgeous Sammy. Sammy is my Mums horse but I used to steal him a lot when I was younger to showjump and event on so we have a very special bond.

Sammy and I

Me and Sammy the horseDid you have any animals at your wedding?  Have you see any unusual animals at weddings?