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Audible audiobooks have changed my life |

Audible audiobooks for life, yo. Seriously the Audible app has changed my existence. When my water’s broke and I went in to labour with Lockie, almost 3.5 years ago, I put down the book I was reading and I never picked up another book. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but to go from reading a book a week to barely having the time or energy to even just pick up a book and try and remember what I had already read, my love of literature has withered and died. Or been buried under a pile of nappies, wet wipes and washing. So when I discovered the Audible app it was a revelation!

Audible is not magic. It doesn’t fold washing or entertain energetic children but it means that I can enjoy storytelling once again.

Audible is very simply a way of managing, and listening to, audiobooks. Why is that so special? Well, there are so many times in a Mum’s day when simply picking up a book and turning a page is impossible. Or even reading on your Kindle/iPhone/tablet is impossible. But popping headphones in, is not.

Imagine this: you’ve put the baby down for the night, he’s sleeping soundly – or so you think – when he suddenly wakes. You look at your husband and the usual, “whose turn is it?” question crosses your mind. Then you remember you’re dying to find out what’s happening to the main character in your audiobook. “I’ll go, babe, you relax.” Pop in your headphones and get whisked away into your story while simultaneously banking an extra turn in the, “who’s turn is it” game of parenting.

What about this scenario: the baby is overtired, in desperate need of a nap. The toddler is also tired but insists violently that he will not be napping yet won’t let you leave the room to put the baby down without throwing a noisy tantrum. Easy – chuck them both in the car, pop on your audiobook and let them snooze while you cruise the streets. Take it next level by heading through the drive through coffee shop for your favourite brew.

I listen to Audible audiobooks while out for walks with the babe in the pram, in the car, watching the bigger child at the playground, hanging out washing – I can even listen at night, in bed, while I’m scrolling through Facebook – Audible will continue to play while you’re using other apps!

In the three weeks since I discovered Audible audiobooks I have made my way through three books. Three whole books!

Audible audiobooks Discover |

Tips for using Audible:

  • You can’t purchase books directly through Audible. You need to purchase books in the Audible format through Amazon. And somehow the books are just there magically in Audible, waiting for you, when you open the app again.
  • Make use of the “Recommended for You” section of the app. Hit the Discover tab at the bottom and there are awesome suggestions based on your Audible library.
  • Download a sample before you purchase the audiobook. I’ve already found one narrator whose voice I really didn’t enjoy. I’ve found, for whatever reason, I prefer female narrators. (If you use the Discover tab you can hear samples of books without having to go to Amazon.)
  • If you use bluetooth headphones like me (I like these ones) then get in to a habit of charging them every night with your phone. There’s nothing more annoying than going to pop them in your ears to find out they’re flat. Of course, you can use regular, wired headphones as a back up, but my littlest monkey likes to rip them out of my ears!
  • Keep a note on your phone for book titles you’d like to read. If someone recommends a book, pop it in the note and check out later.

If you sign up for Audible here you can get TWO FREE audiobooks – woo hoo!! Click on this link right here >>> Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Are you already a fan of audiobooks? Am I just late to the party? Can you recommend any great titles? I’m so keen to expand my Audible library.