Weekly Web Wrap-Up

After months of terrible nights our little dude has slept through two nights in a row! I’m trying not to get my hopes up but everything just seems so much better after a good night’s sleep. I’ve been so well rested that I have even managed to spend a bit of time surfing the net! Here are the cool things I’ve found for you this week in the weekly web wrap-up:

  • Sometimes I stumble upon photos that make me wonder what it would have been like to be raising my baby 50 or a 100 years ago. But these baby cages – well they’re just next-level scary!
  • This adorable little cutie tricking her Daddy every time he tries to cut her nails has me in fits of giggles. So cute! I seriously can’t watch this without giggling.
  • I love a good movie dance scene and this mash up of 100 movie dance scenes to the finger-clickingly good ‘Uptown Funk’ is awesome!
  • This bride is the 11th family member to wear a 120 year family heirloom wedding dress. And she looks stunning!
  • Being a mum can be very isolating – even when it seems like you’ll never go to the loo alone ever again! When another mum speaks openly and honestly about their experiences it can be so refreshing to know that you’re not alone! A Kiwi Mumma takes the words right out of my mouth with her post on what she didn’t expect of motherhood.
  • I’m a sucker for a gorgeous nursery. Sometimes I thank my lucky stars we’ve never won lotto – it’d be awkward telling my hubby I blew all the winnings on pretty nursery furniture, wall prints and knick knacks! These gorgeous nursery eboards from Little Dwellings are just perfect for online ‘window shopping’.
  • Baby Mac is a blog I’ve been following since I found out I was pregnant with my own little ‘baby mac’. Beth (the author) takes the most stunning photos. She is currently on holiday in Italy and this post on her morning walk in Toscana shows awesome examples of the gorgeous photos that are typical of her posts.

Have you come across anything awesome on the net this week? Please share below!


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