No more excuses

When I was pregnant I suffered with the dreaded morning sickness.  But unlike the name – it was more like all-day-and-sometimes-all-night sickness. I lost a lot of weight in the first couple of months but as my belly grew the vomiting subsided and was replaced with an almost constant feeling of nausea, like you get the morning after 5 too many wines.  It was honestly like having a constant hangover.  And just like having a hangover, the food I started craving was fast, greasy and not so great for my expanding waistline.  And not only was my belly expanding but so too were my hips, thighs and booty!  The last time I weighed myself before Baby Mac’s arrival I was tipping the scales at a whopping 90kgs!  I had gained 26kgs in 9 months – and that sure as heck wasn’t all baby!

So here I am.  10 months later and still carrying the ‘baby weight’.  My mummy tummy jiggles and I’m not even close to fitting in to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.  I feel like I’m in some sort of limbo – can’t wear maternity clothes, don’t fit my old clothes but refuse to buy too many new ones because this new, chubby version of me is just temporary.  Right?

A friend once told me that ‘it takes 9 months to put it on and 9 months to lose it’.  Well 9 months has passed and it’s time to do something about it.  I’m ready to stop using excuses and put myself and my health first!

I could spout all sorts of facts and figures on why goals are so important with weightloss but for anyone who has ever had to battle the bulge (or battle anything, really) already knows this. (If you really want to know, take your pick here.)  But I’m ready to publicly announce my goals to one and all!  Here goes:


Lose weight and tone up without focussing on the scales. I spent months and months on Jenny Craig with weekly ‘weigh-ins’ so I have a bit of a mindset to change. I need to remember that how I feel about my body is not necessarily linked to the number on the scales.


Change my diet from processed ‘ready meals’ and ‘fast food’ to real, healthy, clean food. Again, Jenny Craig was all about pre-packaged, portion controlled meals but I did learn a lot about serving sizes. I love trying new, clean recipes and, of course, sharing them right here!

My fitness and weight loss goals.

They might not be what you expected.  And in terms of goals, they’re not really specific or measurable and they don’t have a timeline attached.  I’m not committing to a number – either calories, weight or time – but you know what, I’ve got a heck of a way to go and I’ve got to start somewhere!

So here goes – two goals, one journey – I got this!