After a sleepless night and a fretful morning we were told by the Paediatrician that we would be spending another night in hospital. Not the news I wanted to hear but the best for my little man. So I continued to struggle to get him down for a nap so I could eat my cold hospital lunch – yum! Then an angel in a teal shirt appeared at our door. I didn’t catch her name or who sent her but she handed me a magazine, took the little man from me, told me to eat up then have a shower, which I did – the fastest shower in history, wondering the whole time how I could leave my baby with a stranger!


When I rejoined the land of the living my little man was fast asleep. She then proceeded to get a small sound system and pressed play on a lullaby medley that almost sent me to the land of nod. Then like a lovely dream she disappeared! Whoever you were or whoever sent you – thank you! You will never know how much I appreciated your act of kindness.