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Apparently I’m a whovillian – a person who LOVES Christmas and prepares for it months before it arrives. And every since we had the kid, our house seems to suffer from Christmas creep. This year the tree was up and all the presents were wrapped in November! But other than presents, too much food/booze and a big old tree that leaves tinsel dandruff all over the house – what else do you do to celebrate the silly season? Here are 7 Christmas traditions that I think are pretty elfing cool!

Christmas Traditions

1. Christmas Wrapping Paper

I love this idea – on the morning, when the kiddos run out to the tree to see what Santa has brought, they’ll find their presents are all missing tags. So the first thing they have to do is find a scrap of paper at the bottom on their stocking. All of the presents wrapped in this paper are theirs! Brilliant!

2. A Jar Full Of Good Deeds
A Jar Full Of Good Deeds | Christmas Traditions | www.missesmac.com
A Jar Full Of Good Deeds (Photo from Tiny Prints)

I have a tendency to get wrapped up in the commercial side of Christmas. I’m not particularly religious but I love the idea of encouraging our little ones to think of someone else at this time of year. And a jar full of good deeds is a great way to do that. Each family member is encouraged to do a good deed for someone else every day in the lead up to Christmas. They write the deeds on a piece of paper and pop them in to the jar. On Christmas eve you gather round together, like some kind of family television Christmas special (bonus points if you have cheesy carols playing in the background), and read all of the good deeds the family have been doing.

3. Want, Need, Wear, Read

It is so very easy to go overboard when buying for the kids at Christmas time. Mr Mac and I came so close to spending hundreds of dollars on a trampoline for the sprog this year. He’s two. Instead we decided less is more and we would use the cash to continue renovations on the house and maybe head away for a little holiday.

One fantastic way to help ease up on the spending is to stick to the four present rule: Something I Want, Something I Need, Something to Wear, Something to Read. Raising The Modern Kid has some cute, free printable gift tags too.

4. Elf on a Shelf
Elf on a Shelf Baking | Christmas Traditions | www.missesmac.com
Elf on a Shelf

This American tradition has made it’s way to little ol’ NZ (as many things do) and it’s a bit of Christmas fun that I love to hate! Love – because my little dude gets such a blast out of it. And I’m sure it’ll help me with bribing him to be good as he gets older. And hate – because it can be a bit of effort to think up ideas when all you want to do crash on the couch once the kidlet’s asleep. Plus, is it just me or are these elves a little creepy??

5. Christmas Eve Box

Imagine a knock at the door on Christmas Eve, you open it to find that Santa’s Christmas minions have left a surprise – a box full of awesomeness: a Christmas movie, hot chocolate fixings, festive bickies and maybe a wee something for Mum and Dad (glug, glug). The perfect Christmas Eve, all in one box! (I’ve you’re in NZ, Keeps have gorgeous, pre-filled Christmas Eve Boxes – they have sold out for this year though.)

6. Reindeer Food

We all remember leaving cookies and milk (or a stubby of beer) out for Santa but what about his trusty steeds? Glitter and oats make super easy reindeer food. And do you know what chocolate covered raisins look like? They look like proof that Rudolf was here!

7. The Christmas Camp Out
Christmas Campout Tent (photo from The Dating Divas) | Christmas Traditions | www.missesmac.com
Christmas Campout Tent (photo from The Dating Divas)

We’re so lucky here in the southern hemisphere to celebrate Crimbo in the middle of summer. Camping is a Kiwi tradition – why not make it a Christmas tradition? Choose a night in the lead up to Christmas, pitch a tent (even if only in the back yard or the lounge), gather your treats and favourite Christmas books, oh and don’t forget the torch – you always need a torch when you’re camping. It will be almost as exciting as Christmas eve! Check out The Dating Divas for some Christmas Campout printables.

What Christmas traditions do you have in your household? Are you are whovillian too or more of a Christmas grinch?

This post is part of the 12 Days of Christmas – A Blog Collaboration by Kiwi Mummy Bloggers. Tomorrow you’re in for a treat from Julia over at Parental Misadventures – one for the adults with Christmas Mulled Wine – cheers!


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