By now you’ve probably seen the heart-breaking letter from Samantha Wills who passed away recently at age 27. It’s popped up in my Facebook newsfeed so many times over the last few days and each time I get the same pang of emotion wash over me. Have you read it? I know that social media is often full of emotional “noise” but sometimes something will truly resonate with you. This piece of writing speaks to my soul.

Firstly, death terrifies me. I’m not what I would call “religious” – I don’t have any strong beliefs about the afterlife. When I think about death all I imagine is leaving behind my beautiful boys and my incredible husband (yes, yes – puke, but he is incredible!) How long before they close their eyes and no longer picture my face? What would they tell their future partners – “I wish you’d met Mum – she’d have loved you.” I’ll be a dusty photo on the sideboard, they point out to their children. “That’s your Nana. She would have loved you.” Ok, this is taking a dark turn….

So the real point of this ramble is to celebrate how wonderful my life is. Samantha’s letter has hit me right in the feels and made me realise how important it is to enjoy life. My Grandfather has told me many times how quickly his has passed so I figure if I’m going to blink and be elderly I’m going do as much as I can to enjoy every minute. Sure, there will be crap times but the good times – well, I’m going to suck up every little bit of goodness I can!

So here is a list of things in my life that I am really, truly enjoying – the things that are making my heart smile:

Lockie |

Lockie. My goodness this kid is a ray of sunshine. He has the biggest smile ever and he gives it freely to everyone he encounters. He is hilarious! The things he comes out with have me in tears of laughter. Sure, he drives me bonkers, can really push my buttons, but I’m trying hard to take a deep breath and just enjoy this little terror. I blinked once and my wee baby was a 3 year old – I’m trying so hard not to blink again!

Jamie and Bubbles |

Jamie. My wee darling. He is just a delicious little squish. He loves to cuddle, loves to giggle, loves his brother, loves his daddy and he really loves me. Is there anything cooler than seeing your little one light up when they see you? Sure, we’ve had some rough nights lately but I’m trying to just soak up every bit of this little dude before he turns into a bigger dude like his brother. 2am is not always my favourite time for enjoying him but I’ll take it! I’m truly lucky to call him and his big brother my sons.

Us |

My hubby. The long suffering Mr. Mac. I’m so grateful that he didn’t give up when I attempted to give him the cold shoulder all those years ago. He’s kind, funny, supportive, a fantastic father and the total ying to my yang. He balances me (and puts up with me) more than anyone I’ve ever met. How lucky am I that we found each other and no one had snapped him up first? And I’m even luckier that his looks seem to improve with age!

Fantastic family. How many of you have both your parent/s and in-laws in one town? I have aunties, uncles, grandparents, cousins, in-laws all within about 15 minutes drive of each other! Every Friday my family has lunch together – yes, EVERY Friday. Sometimes there are like 20 of us!

My health. Right now, right at this moment I feel great! I don’t have a cold, no aches, no headache, no broken bones. I’m getting on top of my weight and I’m working on my fitness. If I wanted to climb a mountain tomorrow, I probably could! How lucky am I?

Keto Queens |

Exciting new projects! I’ve been wanting to launch a new blog for so long so guess what? I did! Keto Queens is live and I’m having a blast writing about something I’m truly passionate about. I’ve also been working on a new business venture, B&W Safety. It’s very new but I can already see huge potential.

I’m returning to event management next week. After an awesome 11 months of being a stay at home mum (mostly) I’m heading back to a job I love, with the flexibility to still put my family first with an awesome manager and a team who I would call friends more than I would call colleagues.

Plans to buy a new home. We’re on track to finish our renovations this year and move on to a new home. This is so exciting! I love imagining where our new home will be, what it will look like, what school the boys will go to.

Diary |

A new diary. I’ve gone old school this year – I have a hard cover, paper diary and I love writing in it with different coloured pens, ticking off jobs to be done – so satisfying.

Life is pretty darn good at the moment. Tomorrow may be another story but today, well today I’m stoked to be living my life.

I would love it if you could let me know the things that are making you smile – what’s great in your life?

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